Here are some examples of the strategy work I have done!

Consulting for Marriott

As part of my summer internship for the marketing company Epsilon I was tasked with doing an analysis of the onboarding communications Marriott. I was the project manager a group of 6 interns; we created strategic recommendations for Marriott through SWOT analysis, consumer personas, and UX integrations. For privacy reasons I cannot upload the full Power Point, but if you want to know more, email me:

First slide of consulting project for Marriott

Coca-Cola Creative Brief

In this group project, we were tasked with developing a creative brief for a Coca-Cola holiday campaign. Through our research, we found that many people travel during the holidays and used that as our insight to drive our campaign. Although this presentation is a brief overview, it demonstrates how we took that insight to create a cohesive campaign around it. Having such a large client and budget made this one of my favorite projects! Check out slide 14 and 15 to see my Guerilla Marketing stunt idea.