I’ve studied Spanish all throughout my high school and college education. I even spent a gap year in Spain improving my Spanish skills. By December 2021, I completed my Spanish minor at the University of Georgia.

I worked as a translator for an Ad Firm (PureRED) located in Atlanta for a year. Below I have some examples of my past translating work for Walgreens, but I also worked with cool brands like Kroger and Sears regularly.

Walgreens Translations:

Here are some examples of my translation work for Walgreens for their monthly Puerto Rican circulars. The English is on the left with Spanish on the right.

Scroll to see an example of a full page of my translations for the October 2021 Circular.

I love the work I do for PureRED. Although most of the translations above focus on self-care products, I’ve translated various other types of vendor arts and coupons. If you’re interested in seeing more examples of my work, you can email me at