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Ways to Get Around in Galicia

There are a few ways to get around in Galicia if you don’t rent a car: Trains! The Spanish national rail company Renfe operates short-distance services that cross the region as well as long-distance journeys that connect Galicia with the rest of…

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Interesting Facts About Galicia!

Galicia has a relatively low population of around three million inhabitants spread across four provinces and an area of about 11, 500 square miles. These provinces are: Lugo, Ourense, A Coruna and Pontevedra. In addition to the regional capitol of Galicia,…

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Sites You Must See!

Check this page out for some sites you must see. Catedral Santiago de Compostela: World-renowned pilgrimage and World Heritage site, the cathedral of old town Santiago de Compostela is not only architecturally stunning but is steeped in history. Walk around the city of Santiago…

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